About Us

Mitchell and Mouat: Where creativity and collaboration converge

“Community” has many meanings. It’s a group of people with common culture or interests. It’s the place we live and work. It’s a sense of belonging and the way we interact with those around us. At Mitchell and Mouat, community is all of these things – and more. We put our proven stakeholder-driven approach to work for you.

Mitchell and Mouat’s small, highly-experienced team of architects works collaboratively with clients to create functional, attractive spaces that meet the needs of their users. We understand that our structures serve different purposes for different people – we’re experts at discerning the needs of our clients and synthesizing them into meaningful outcomes. We’re flexible in terms of style and synergetic in our working style, giving us the ability to adapt to any project condition and work through any challenge that arises.

We’re capable. We’re creative. We’re collaborative.

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Did You Know 

Our staff of 7 people includes 5 registered architects licensed to practice in Michigan. The core staff at Mitchell and Mouat Architects has worked together for 10 years on average.